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Interference Archives
Museum of Chinese in America
NYU Fales Library
NYU Tamiment Library
The personal collections of Ching Ming Cheung; Arlan Huang and Lillian Ling; Bob Lee & Eleanor Yung; Alan Okada and Merle Okada; Helen Oji

Recommended Readings

Below is a non-exhaustive list of readings for further learning about the Basement Workshop and the Asian American movement.


Thank you first and foremost to all the former members of the Basement Workshop – your commitment to telling your stories has helped me see who I am as an Asian American. Thanks to John Allen, Tomie Arai, Reggie Brown, Henry Chang, George Chew, Ching Ming Cheung, Jeannie Chiang, Charlie Chin, Geeming Chin, Kenny Chin, Jeanie Chin, Minerva Chin, Rocky Chin, KW Chin, Richard Chong, Henry Chu, Pat Chu, Jessica Hagedorn, Kimiko Hahn, Larry Hama, Janet Henry, Arlan Huang, Laura Chan Isler, Anna Kuo, Nina Kuo, Henry Kwong, Charlie Lai, Henry Lau, Bob Lee, Colin Lee, Johann Lee, Laura Lem, Genny Lim, Tzi Ma, Nobuko Miyamoto, Phil Tajitsu Nash, Helen Oji, Alan Okada, Merle Okada, Richard Oyama, Yee Ling Poon, Jim Whiting, Jack Tchen, JW Wong, Legan Wong, Meeling Wong, Rob Yanagida, Teddy Yoshikami, Liz Young, Marina Yu, Eleanor Yung, and Susan Yung for your time, knowledge, and experiences. I gained so many beloved aunties and uncles through this journey. To all the people that I have yet to speak with, thank you for your patience and grace. To Danny Yung, for starting this all.

To Corky Lee, you took my questions seriously and guided me when I wasn’t even sure what I was looking for. I miss your friendship and will always be grateful to you.
To Fay Chiang, Fay Chew Matsuda, and Chris Iijima – though I was never able to meet you all, your legacies continue on in the love and stories shared with me. To those we have lost: your legacy and lessons live on.

Thank you to Alexandra Chang and Ryan Wong for producing writing that has aided me from the very beginning. To Howie Chen, Jayne Cole, and Yvonne Fang for the many collaboration meetings, emails, and texts. To Grayson Chin for always keeping me up to date on all things Chinatown and never making me feel like an outsider.

To Interference Archives, MOCA, and NYU Tamiment, NYU Fales Library, and NYU A/P/A for safeguarding our histories.

And lastly, to Joshua Bloom, Aaron Brenner, Melanie Hughes, Alison Langmead, Michael Murphy, and Dina Okamoto for your academic guidance and belief in my ideas.